Celebrating Marietta's Birthday In Historic Fashion

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People went back in time at East Muskingum Park as members of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Brigade of the American Revolution establish an encampment.

"The Ohio Company of Associates when it was formed was made up of mostly revolutionary war veterans, in fact, a large number of officers. When they finally began the migration for the settlement here which was the first legal colony west of the Ohio River, the majority of the first 47 that landed in 48 the next day were officers of the revolution. This was their dream," says Campus Martius Museum Historian, Bill Reynolds.

The brigade is a non-living association that recreates the life and times of the common soldier of the American War of Independence.

And re-enactors were dressed for the occasion just like in the 1700s.

"All the clothing that we wear is made of natural fabric so either linen or cotton, 100 percent cotton or wool. They obviously didn't have any man made materials," added Holly DeJordy of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment.

People had the chance to tour Mound Cemetery where local soldiers such as Military Officer Rufus Putnam and American Revolutionary Commander Abraham Whipple are buried.

They played a major role in Marietta's 225 year history.

"Whipple was a Privateer, Navy Officer, actually John Paul Jones was second in command of Whipple on at least one naval operation. Rufus Putnam was basically an Engineering Officer for the Continental Army," replied Reynolds.

The re-enactors say it's important for people to learn a thing or two about the historic event that helped make Marietta a city.

"It gives you an idea of where you came from, it gives you a good idea of how things affect one another," DeJordy said.

Also during the day, re-enactors went a step further playing music and displaying artillery from hundreds of years ago.