Celebrating sixty years of world class manufacturing in Marietta.

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"It is quite an honor to be part of an organization that is still manufacturing American made products after sixty years," says John Willoughby, president and CEO of Eramet in Marietta.

Times have changed but one thing still holds true for Eramet, American made products through and through.

"The facility here has changed hands in terms of ownership, it's changed in its geography...it's much smaller now, we have fewer employees. We have a smaller customer base," says Willoughby.
"But we are one of two manufacturers of our Ferromanganese product that will remain in the United States."

Dedicated people stick with this plant.

"The key to that and one thing that has not changed over the sixty years are the people that work in our facility," Willoughby says.

The employees hark back to days of loyalty to a company and a job.

"And since 1952, back in 1952 people had pride in their work, people were loyal to their employer. People took pride in the products that they produced and the contribution those products made to the strength of america and people had integrity," Willoughby says. "Those things still exist today in our workforce and we're very proud of that."

Pouring funds into a success story is worth every penny to top officials.

"We have invested significantly over the last four years, hoping to create a sustainable operation, in both our operating and our environmental performance so that we can continue to be successful and thrive for the next sixty years we hope," Willoughby says.

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