Cellphone Policy

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Wood County Schools is connected, after a new ruling on cellphone use.

I’m here at Parkersburg High School, where there are strong opinions over whether there should be cellphones allowed in schools.

"We think that it's the right move at this point in time in our society today,” says Superintendent Dr. Patrick Law.

Lisa Taylor of Parkersburg doesn't think there should be cellphones ringing in the classroom.

"But I do think that maybe they should be able to text at designated times and designated spots maybe,” Taylor says. “But I think it would be a good thing."

Teresa Turner of Vienna wants students to stay the course.

"As long as they don't misuse it for other purposes, just emergencies, in case they need it,” Turner says.

It makes April MacIver feel better knowing her kids can phone in.

"The things going on in the world; I just think it's a comfort for the children. It’s also a comfort for the parents,” MacIver says. “Safety wise, I think cellphones are a good thing; it's a communication tool."

Students use it more than just to text.

"They use it for calculators or to get a hold of their parents for emergencies -- they use it for Internet to find things,” says senior Katie Collins.

Desperate times call for drastic measures.

"To make some allowances, to make some changes and actually make use of these devices when appropriate,” Law says.

It’s now policy that cellphones are allowed in Wood County Schools during lunchtime or as designated by a teacher during class if it's integral to the lesson. We’ll see what the new school year brings.

Law says they recognize the world has changed, it's hard to keep up but it's their attempt to do just that.

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