Change The Future Celebrates Success In The Schools

Photo by Johnny Jackson Kim Masciantonio (left) is a working, married mother of two. She said, each week, she takes two “high energy” fitness classes with Ray Houston (in the foreground).
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Fifteen area educators were honored Tuesday for their efforts to make West Virginia children healthier.

The Parkersburg Country Club housed the Change the Future West Virginia luncheon to honor the 14 physical education teachers and one education coordinator who were placed in schools around the area to enable students to participate in daily physical education.

Organizers say the physical activity during the school day helps students stay focused in the classroom.

"I think everyone understands that the more you move the better you feel. We actually have data in Wood County showing that the more items on the statewide fitness test, the fitness gram, students are performing better on the WESTEST," says Sue Childers, Education Coordinator of the CPPW Grant. "And we are showing a direct correlation between physical activity and academic performance."

Childers adds that she is already looking forward to next year and all the additional physical activities available for students.

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