Explosive Agent Removed from Parkersburg Home

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06/30/2013 8:13 PM

The West Virginia State Police Bomb Squad has removed explosive chemicals found early Sunday afternoon in a South Parkersburg home.

Kinepak comes in two separate tubes, but when combined creatd an explosive agent.

While the individual packaging doesn't pose a risk, officials took every precaution. The Bomb Squad has the resources for safe transportation and proper disposal.

It's illegal to possess these chemicals. Police are conducting an investigation and may press charges.

Chemicals found in a South Parkersburg home aren't dangerous until combined, but then they have explosive effects.

The homeowner says she evicted the tenants of 1405 Newberry Street. They had to wear gloves and masks to clean out the home because it was such a mess inside. That's when they found two tubes labeled "DANGEROUS."

Kinepak is commonly used for blasting, bomb disposal, and oil well casings. Parkersburg police say when combined it creates an explosive agent.

Authorities stress there is no threat to the public. The components are not explosive until mixed. But they are taking every precaution to properly dispose of the chemicals.

Police are looking into why the tenants had the chemicals and may press charges.