Chocolate Shops and Florists Gear Up for V-Day

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Flower and chocolate shops around the Mid-Ohio Valley are taking orders and gearing up for a busy weekend.

Last year, thousands of people came through the doors of Holl's Swiss Chocolates in the two days before Valentine's.

Just down the river at one flower shop, business around the holiday is almost as heavy.

"It's the biggest floral event of the year for us."

Store owner Kaki Reckard expects to go through 600 bouquets of roses by the end of Monday, but she's happy about the boost in business.

"Winter months in the floral business are generally pretty slow, January's just generally not a good month for fresh flowers."

And it's a slow month for chocolate shops as well. But come Valentine's Day, recession or not, Holl's owner Dominque Holl says people are ready to spend on the sweet treat.

"The price points are reasonably low and it's an indulgence you can afford regardless of your financial situation."

The store saw a fair share of customers Tuesday and has been keeping busy with shipments- sending out nearly two hundred Tuesday today alone.

But in the few days leading up to the holiday, it expects to be just as busy as last year, with a lot of testosterone in the building.

"It will be a lot more men then women because men tend to procrastinate more, so on the thirteenth and fourteenth You'll see a lot of guys and they'll have that look like they know they need to get something but they don't know what to get," said Holl.

But whether chocolates or flowers, their purchase is sure to please at least one person- their shopping destination's owner.

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