Christmas Angel In Mineral Wells

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It happens when you least expect it.

You're touched by the kindness of a stranger.

"I think it was a true blessing, it was an angel watching over my children. Just know there are still good people out in the world," says Kristy Shaffer.

Kristy Shaffer and her family received a holiday blessing on Monday night from someone they're calling "A Christmas Angel".

It all happened Christmas Eve when Shaffer received a call from someone she didn't know telling her to look out the window of her home.

Her husband, Dempsey, opened the door to find a trash bag.

"At first, I was scared because i never really you know someone calling you to look out your front door. You'll never imagine that there be presents sitting there for your children. And that's just another blessing to see that there is somebody that would think of my children that much."

Inside the bag were three gifts for each of Shaffer's kids, Rebecca, Austin, and Dalton.

The Shaffers are will never forget the kindness of their "Christmas Angel".

"I just want to tell him thank you, it was greatly appreciated. it was a true blessing to our family," added Shaffer.

And it was a Christmas the entire family will talk about for years to come.

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