Christmas Decoration Safety

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Every year over 12,000 suffer a Christmas decoration related injury and Christmas trees cause about 250 fires every year.

The tree, the candles, the lights. Many are getting last minute decorations in place for the holiday season but don't get too caught up in all the spirit, and take the time to stay safe.

"When you're using old Christmas lights you want to look for any frays in the plastic coating to make sure nothing is cracked that will allow any kind of electrical spark," explains Assistant Manager of the Lowe's in Vienna, Ben Myers.

A simple spark from a frayed wire or the heat from being too close to the fire place and in just a few seconds a tree can become fully engulfed in flames, and while it's not common,it does happen.

So experts say if you want to keep the tradition of that real tree... be smart about it. "Make sure that it is not so dry that when you touch it the needles fall off. Make sure the needles are good and strong," explains Marietta Fire Department Lt. Larry Bargeloh, "when you cut the bottom of it off a bit so it will be able to soak up some water and keep plenty of water on your tree."

And both inside and outside experts say to read the label and never connect too many lights together.

"In your outside lights, if you have a busted bulb, just make sure you replace it with the same wattage bulb," continues Myers, "also with extension cords you want to keep those elevated away from the elements due to the fact that they might short out with snow around them or puddles of water."

Experts say candles also pose a huge risk this holiday season they say to keep a 12 food radius around any lit candles.

The Fire Department does say with all the extra lights and decorations around before leaving the house empty, make a second round to be sure all candles are out and all lights are secure.

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