Do We Need A Little Christmas?

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Updated: 11/07/2012 6:25 P.M.

If you've traveled through Parkersburg City Park and looked closely, you've noticed them. They're not lighted yet, that won't happen for another week or so. But the displays for this year's "Holiday In The Park" are up, if not yet functioning.

"I think it's pretty cool," says Alicia George. "It's nice to see."

City workers spent the day after election day putting what may be the final touch on the display: changing out the usual city park sign at the entrance near 16th and Park Avenue, replacing it with one with a much different greeting.

And speaking of that election, after what is generally considered one of the most expensive, divisive campaigns in history, wouldn't it be nice to talk about a campaign of a different kind?

"I think we need some real Christmas and some real celebration this year," says Pastor Kelly Martin, Pennsboro United Methodist Church. "I think if we focus on what Christmas is really all about instead of spending a lot of money, I think it will help out a whole lot."

Along with Belpre's Holiday Lights display, which also runs roughly from November to New Year's, these have made the area one of the biggest area destinations for Christmas lights displays.

It may not be Halloween yet...but today, we found a sign Christmas is on the way.

While walkers in Belpre Civitan Park were taking advantage of the warm weather, volunteers were busy putting up the displays for the annual Holiday Lights.

It's held each year from Thanksgiving to New Year's, and sponsored by the Belpre Chamber of Commerce.

Organizers tell us while the display won't start until late November, it takes about a month to put them all up.

In addition to Civitan Park, exhibits also can be found at Howes Grove Park.

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