Christmas Show Lights up Belpre

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We all have our own Christmas traditions. The Ankrom family dedicated their time, and more importantly their home, to combine lights and sound for a musical extravaganza.

Many families have a collection of ornaments and decorations for Christmas, but one local family has gone above and beyond this year.

Nearly 1,400 hours of hard work is on display in the Ankrom's front yard.

Each set of lights is specifically timed to blink, flash, or strobe to a certain note.

The light show lasts for 30 minutes and took months to complete.

But for these Christmas fanatics, it was all worth it.

"I've always liked doing the lights. When my mom was still living she was big on Christmas, that was her holiday. She would have 2, 3, 4 trees sometimes at a time and I just kind of picked it up from her," says homeowner Jeff Ankrom. "I just keep doing it every year and kinda while I'm working on it, it helps me remember her."

The family invites everyone to visit the light show at their home on 20 Ross Lane along County Road 85(Oxbow Road).

Ankrom says that right now they have about 20,000 lights on display, but when they change to all LED lights they will be able to use around 60,000.

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