Circles Campaign of the Mid Ohio Valley's First Graduating Class

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It wasn't a high school graduation but this group is recognized Thursday for its hard work and dedication to bettering their lives.

Circles Campaign of the Mid Ohio Valley graduated five individuals who took part of a 12 week class.

The graduates were Earl and Crystal Jenkins, Crystal Nottingham, Tina Thomas and Marina Lanham.

This marks the first graduating class in West Virginia.

The group learned leadership skills, and setting and achieving goals.

"We're excited because it is a program which is not only transformational for those who are wanting to get out of poverty, but it is also transformational for other members of the community and the community as a whole," says Circles Campaign of the Mid Ohio Valley Director, Dina Andrews.

After graduating, the individuals become circle leaders.

They will set direction for activities and actions which will result in potential emergence from poverty.

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