City Council Meeting Talks Longevity Pay

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Staying with your job still has its perks.

The longevity pay program has been tabled. The City Council meet last night and decided to keep it on the books. The council has their own resolution that forces them to look at employees wages once a year.

Mayor Newell says the city may not be able to give employees longevity every year, but on off years they might be able to kick it in.

"This is one way we are able to keep good employees, good well trained employees, by each year offering them an incentive to stay. It does benefit the citizens really to have the best trained employees we can have and not to keep investing time and money and them leaving eventually, it is a benefit to the community and the employees as well," said Mayor Bob Newell.

Also at the meeting, an elderly high rise proposal was approved with intent to purchase and develop near Terripan park.

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