Parkersburg City Council Preview

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Three big decisions for Parkersburg City Council Tuesday night. Here's what you need to know.

Mayor Bob Newell will present plans to the public works and finance committees.

The proposal includes leasing parking property from WVU-P's downtown center.

Mayor Newell says there's also an opportunity for the city to help temporarily fund the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport tower.

"I talked to Senator Manchin about this and if the tower closes in June, the option of getting it back open in October are pretty slight, but if we can help keep it open until October, he's pretty confident that they'll be able to get this taken care of in Washington," Mayor Newell says.

The city also hopes to acquire a building near Point Park that's been vacant for months. The new building would be called The Point Park Market Square.

"We'll move our farmers market there, we'll have our winter market there as well. There will be some specialty retail that will be leased. It could be indoor produce or groceries. It could be a wine shop."

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