City Council, Treasurer Seats Filled in Marietta

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A big race for Marietta City Council president.

It was decided by less than 200 votes.

Republican Josh Schlicher defeats Kevin Paskawych with 55 percent of the vote.

"We worked really hard on this campaign, we had a lot of help, we knocked on about 2,500 doors, personally, lot of contact with the voters," says Schlicher.

Schlicher says they were aiming for that personal contact with the voters and that he believes is what helped him win.

"I want to thank all the voters of Marietta for voting for me and we will have a great council next year and good leadership," says Schlicher.

City council at large, three spots were filled by Michael Mullen, Harley Noland and Kathleen Downer.

"I'm very excited because I think it shows that the citizens of Marietta have faith in what we have been doing," Noland says. "Many of us were re-elected and now we have a couple new members of our team, so we should get a lot accomplished."

"I just just want to get a handle on things and do whats best for the city and I appreciate the people that elected me and I will certainly do my best to represent them," Downer says.

"It's just so crazy in D.C. and Columbus and the partisanship, that has poisoned getting things done and we don't have that problem in the City of Marietta," Mullen says. "Looks like we will have a good team for the next term and look forward to working with everybody and making things happen in our great little city."

Big moves for Marietta City treasurer as the voters brought in a new treasurer, Cathy Harper.

Harper says she is overly excited, with many years experience in the field and twenty years on city council.

The race for city council second ward wasn't a close race but no landslide.

Michael McCauley came out with the win over James Wilson, saying he ran a nice clean campaign but he is happy to be continuing his work on council.

Not a huge turn out Tuesday night to watch the election results but candidates expressed their gratitude towards the voters, for taking the time to go out and vote.

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