UPDATE: Damaged Veterans Stepping Stones Replaced

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UPDATE 8/27/2014 10:10 AM

Tuesday's hot weather didn't keep volunteers from fixing the damage that was done to the stepping stones honoring veterans.

Back in July, dozens of the bricks at City Park engraved with veteran's names were badly damaged.

Many were chipped, cracked and covered in gum and scuff marks from skateboards.

Tuesday fifty of the bricks were replaced.

Volunteers spent hours working to get those bricks in before the arrival of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.

The Veteran's Museum asks that visitors be respectful.

UPDATE 7/10/2014 5:05 PM

Earlier this week skateboard scuffs defaced the Veterans Walk at City Park.

Whether it was intentional, the vandalism upset many community members.

Thursday a few local businesses decided to do something about it.

Federal Industrial Services spent the afternoon power blasting the bricks.

The father and son team used pressurized dry ice donated by another local business, The Ice House.

The company owner says he's a member of the Patriot Guard.

So it was an easy choice to spend his afternoon restoring the memorial.

"My son, he's a Marine Corps veteran. My dad, he's an Army veteran. And I don't know, it seems like these days, these kids don't have a lot of respect for what the veterans have done for them and what they're doing for them now. We need to team up with somebody that teaches more respect for the veterans," says Michael Rowh, owner of Federal Industrial Services.

The volunteers say the dry ice removal method is safe for the environment.

It should remove the scuffs without damaging the bricks.

Rowh says he and his son began work at noon Thursday, and they expected to be at it until Thursday evening.

After a patriotic holiday weekend, the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley is now dealing with vandalism to an important monument.

The Stepping Stones of Honor at City Park contain bricks and benches, all paying tribute to those who have served the country.

But now it's covered in tire marks, chewing gum and some of the bricks with veterans names are chipped.

There are multiple signs around the stones that read no skateboarding, rollerblading or bicycling.

And even with trash cans nearby, the veteran's memorial had piles of trash sitting next to the wreaths.

Gary Farris of the Veterans Museum is shocked by what he saw.

"I'm at a loss for words because in this area I thought people respected the veterans," he says. "And for somebody to do this... I know it's just one or two people, but maybe they should have been taught better. "

Farris adds that it's about $50 for each brick that needs to be replaced, and they're not quite sure what they can even use to get the tire marks off of the bricks.

But if anyone wants to volunteer to help clean the stones, contact the Veterans Museum.

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