City Plows Work To Keep Roads Clear

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Messy conditions all over the roadway. A normal commute turned into slipping and sliding as crews worked to keep up with the snow on Friday.

WTAP's Shannon Houser spent the afternoon riding along with Parkersburg city plow crews.

"This came in pretty quick and it's got the roads covered pretty quick but we'll catch up with it," Parkersburg Public Works Director, Rick Lemley says.

A winter snow advisory quickly turns into snow emergencies, leaving the roadways an icy mess and leaving city crews to clean it up.

"The first thing we do is we get our hills and our main arteries and then the intersections. We try to keep at least 20 feet back on the intersections keeping everyone safe," Lemley adds.

Paul Mibcap's been on the job for 16 years. He says this storm's caused even his plow to slip and slide and the roads. "It's pretty bad this time. It's more slippery than it usually is."

Within the first five minutes alone during the ride along, we saw many people spinning out of control almost hitting the plow truck, proving it can be just as dangerous for the crews as it is for people on the road.

"You need to keep away from the spreaders. We'd like you to stay around 50 feet from the plows," says Lemley.

Plows that this time aren't just laying salt but picking up the heavy amounts on snow blanketing city roads.

"If it builds up over an inch or so, you have to put the plow down," Mibcap says.

Most crews stop every hour to hour and a half to pick up more salt. They say it depends on your route and how much ice and snow are on the roads.

City crews were also out dropping salt on the sidewalks and on the stairs of city buildings to keep everyone safe walking to and from work.

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