City of Parkersburg Watching the Weather

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Parkersburg is ready if a storm hits Friday and they're watching the river.

Steve Cox, assistant public works director for the city, says the water level is going up in the river and they're keeping an eye on how it progresses.

If the rain changes over to snow, they have six trucks set to go.

"First phone call we'll start hitting the bridges and hillsides and the intersections if they become slick. The police department will call us and let us know if we need to be out on that snow," Cox says. "Just watch the other people, watch yourself when you come up an intersection, watch the water on the roads -- watch for black ice if it does turn cold at night. Just drive carefully; and use common sense."

He also says when the first storms hit, often people don't realize how bad the road conditions are.

So slow down out there, it makes their job a lot easier.

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