Civil War Veteran Commemoration

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Wherever you go across this great nation, people are stopping to think of those who fought for our rights and freedom as Americans.

A Civil War-era veteran from our area was honored in one such service.

George Edmondson was born into slavery in 1836 and enlisted in the 45th regiment (later the 127th) of the United States Colored Infantry in Wheeling.

He was later promoted to corporal and at war’s end, was shipped with the rest of the all-black 25th Corps to the remote coast of Texas.

After his discharge, Edmondson returned to West Virginia and settled in Parkersburg.

For years he had an unmarked grave but just in time for Memorial Day, he was recognized with a commemorative stone at Spring Grove Cemetery below his wife Maria.

“Major important and he deserves this honor,” says Bill Webb, of New York City. “It’s America and he fought for liberty; he obviously ran away with the Union Army behind Hunter in Lexington, made it through Wheeling, WV and joined the Army.”

Webb was overjoyed to be in Parkersburg to memorialize his great grandfather.

He says it was long, long overdue and through the efforts of many people he finally had his day.

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