Cleaning Up the Stepping Stones of Honor

A call for help to refurbish a local memorial, the Stepping Stones of Honor Memorial in City Park gets a much needed sprucing up thanks to some volunteers

Every brick tells a story but those names and their past are the victims of age. Time has worn down the Stepping Stones of Honor Memorial, now covered in moss and grime.

A problem Veteran's Museum of the Mid Ohio Valley Director Gary Farris is determined to fix. "I was just over here the other day looking at the bricks with Angela while she was installing some bricks and I thought we need to get this taken care of."

So he asked for help, something the Museum relies on for most of their projects.

"I wish we could get more volunteers, younger volunteers who can actually get down and do this kind of work. This is hard work," explains Farris.

Hard work is nothing new for today's largest group of volunteers. Six men with the Parkersburg Army Recruiting Center worked Friday morning on their hands and knees to try and return the memorial to its former glory.

For them, it's more than doing a little good, it's preserving a part of history... their history.

"Veterans is a part of what we do because one day we're going to be veterans ourselves," explains Parkersburg Army Recruiting Center, Sgt. First Class Gregory Zook. "So we always want to give back to veterans whatever we can do. Whether it be money or volunteer time and this memorial is a great tribute to the people who have served our country. Not just Parkersburg, but our country in the past so we try to give back as much as we can."

With elbow grease, donated time, sand, and water the Memorial will once again showcase the lives of brave men and women from around the valley.