Storm Cleanup Begins

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Wednesday's storm has left some residents with a long cleanup ahead of them.

"We were sitting on the porch and the rain had just started to pick up a little bit and so we were like started to head into the house and they made it in before I did and the door was open and the wind knocked my hat off and I turned to look for it. I heard this crunching sound and I looked up and saw the tree fall towards the roof," said St. Marys homeowner Vernon Stewart whose house is on the 800 block of Dewey Avenue.

Across the street, their neighbor was sitting in his sun porch when he just so happened to look up from reading the newspaper.

"It was just like slow motion going over," said neighbor Larry Butcher.

The behemoth silver maple that Stewart said is over 70 years old, landed right in the middle of their home damaging the roof and the porch.

Still this is not the first time this family has witnessed the exceptional force of mother nature.

"Two years ago this tree here was struck by lightning. Lightning came down the tree and jumped over and totaled my wife's jeep," according to Stewart.

Even after both of these incidents, the Stewarts aren't thinking of moving any time soon.

The Stewarts said their homeowners insurance will help pay for repairs and a portion of the tree removal, after they pay their deductible.

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