"Digging Out"

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Schools and businesses closed as the snowfall piled up fast overnight.

This was a heavy, wet snow, making driving extra tough.

The main streets Monday afternoon were in far better shape than they were in Monday morning.

It wasn't that it snowed that took the area by surprise, it was how much snow fell - especially late Sunday night and Monday morning.

A growing concern among cities - and especially private snow removal companies - is how much salt they'll have left to treat roadways the rest of the winter.

They're now trying to conserve that the best they can.

"Because the temperatures have been so cold, that when it gets below a certain temperature, salt doesn't do anything," says Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp. "So, we've been putting a little sand in it, to improve the traction."

"We've had so many snows, and have had to use so much salt for the ice and the extreme temperatures, that we are in dire straits right now for salt," says Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz.

The City of Parkersburg believes it has enough salt on hand to finish out the winter.

But Mayor Bob Newell says he's been told there are at least another couple of storms to deal with before it's all over.

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