Click It or Ticket

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Not wearing your seat belt can cost you some dollars.

May is 'click it or ticket' month across the country. Here in Parkersburg, the city is the recipient of a grant to pay for three extra officers on overtime to patrol the roads looking for people not wearing a seat belt. Parkersburg police believe the high profile ad campaign helps and seat belts without a doubt save lives.

"We are doing it to save lives, it's not about money for us. But we have to drive the point home that you have to be doing this to take care of yourself and the people in your car," said Sgt. Greg Collins.

Right now it's a secondary offense, as of September of this year, not wearing your seat belt will become a primary offense, so an officer can pull you over.

Ohio State Highway Patrol is also citing people, they have given out 421 tickets so far this year.

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