Clinic Helps Beginners on their Path to Running Success

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It's time again for the annual River City Runners and Walkers Club Beginner's Clinic.

The club sponsors this clinic to help people who want to start running.
It's a jump start program. After 10-weeks of training you run a 5K or 3.1 miles.

Organizers say running is contagious. Once you start you feel better physically and emotionally. And they enjoy seeing participants in the clinic progress every year.

"I've seen a lot of people drop 20-30 pounds over the period of this process. Over this 10-week program. So it's encouraging to be there for me also as well to encourage them," says clinic Director Melissa Wigal.

There's still time to sign up. And if you attend 9 out of the 10 weekly sessions, you're entered to win some big prizes.

Local businesses made donations to help provide an incentive for runners.

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