Coal And The Election

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He's not going to this week's Republican National Convention, but U.S. Congressman David McKinley talked up a lot of the GOP platform at a town hall meeting Monday in Parkersburg.

Basically three things: the economy, the growing budget defecit and coal, were the topics of discussion.

The latter, and what has been seen as the EPA's stand on the subject, is the main reason Republicans have won West Virginia in the past three presidential elections.

While the immediate Parkersburg area is not in the coal mining part of West Virginia, Republican Congressman McKinley said coal mining might ultimately affect the price not only consumers but industries pay for electricity.

And he says that while alternate fuels have been suggested, most of them are, like coal, fossil fuels.

"The utility companies are saying, ' If we can't burn coal, we'll burn gas'," McKinley said. "That's OK, but the potential is, your utility bills could go up, or, if you have new standards. Right now, the EPA is focused on coal in this war on fossil fuels, they'll switch over and ultimately have the same problem with gas as well."

Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin applauded the latest court ruling, on "Cross-State Air Pollution' rules, when he was in Parkersburg last week.

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