Coffee With Congressman Johnson

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Coffee with the Congressman.

Those calling Washington County home talked with Congressman Bill Johnson Monday.

Congressman Johnson says he tries to hold gatherings like that every so often.

He says there are a lot of issues people in southeastern Ohio are worried about, like healthcare and Medicare, the economy and job loss.

Congressman Johnson says he is trying to work with Washington, which he believes is getting bigger and bigger and not keeping commitments to the American people.

"That's what I'm there to try and fight for a small, more effective, more efficient federal government," he says. "One that listens to the people, the board of directors, cause after all that's who's in charge - the people of this country."

Congressman Johnson also expressed concern about the community with the recent closing of Ormet and his work with them and the governor.

The Career Center's adult director was there Monday morning.

They're working with those Ormet workers on the next step for their career.

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