Cold Weather Closes Businesses

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Many Front Street stores were closed Tuesday because of the low temperatures.

Marietta was almost a ghost town Tuesday.

With the frigid temperatures it seems that no one wants to walk around and shop.

Many businesses downtown were closed, but left signs on the door saying when they will be open next.

Those that were open say they only saw maybe one or two customers.

Frost covered the store fronts and there wasn't a person in sight.

But each business owner made their own decision based on the elements whether they wanted to stay open or not.

Some say even though there aren't many customers they get phone orders and can catch up on little things around the store.

Others say with the old buildings say they can't afford the heat and were forced to close Monday and Tuesday.

"No, not many. The people are staying away. It's cold out there. But that's okay, we understand," says Sylvi Caporale, owner of American Flags and Poles.

"And we have no basement underneath, it's straight creek. So when it comes up the cold freezes and it comes up....we couldn't take our coats off so I knew we had to do something," says Kayleigh Oates, owner of the Bronze Studio.

Oates says they had to reschedule thirteen appointments and luckily they are able to do that.

But the loss of walk-ins hurt big time.

She worries about other stores downtown who may lose the sales completely.

It's a mix between safety and sales but right now the weather is winning, keeping people indoors.

Owners say they do expect some slow days during the winter because of weather, but temperatures like this and closing stores completely you don't see very often.

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