Collecting Food For A Good Cause

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It's a day to give back to the community, and the Washington State Community College Upward Bound Program wasted no time helping out.

Their mission, collecting donations for the Community Food Pantry in Marietta.

"Well the food pantry is a great service to the community here in Washington County and it's housed at the First Congregational Church in Marietta. And it's the Marietta Community Food Pantry and we work with them previously in years past," says Katey Blackwell of the Washington State Community College Upward Bound Program.

Saturday morning, over 75 high school students from Washington and Morgan Counties went door to door collecting food from neighbors.

It's a service project Upward Bound is doing to honor the upcoming Martin Luther King Junior holiday.

"We talked about a way to serve our community and we decided to use our past contact with the Marietta food pantry and kind of help our students who are high school students throughout Washington and Morgan Counties understand there's a need in our community," added Blackwell.

Community Food Pantry Director, Bill Farnsworth, thanks the students for giving up their weekend for a good cause.

"We would like to thank them for this generous collection of food which they brought the food pantry and I promise you we will make sure this food gets to the folks that are in need," replied Farnsworth.

A need students understand as part of the upward bound program.

"We do have people that live in poverty and that need help food assistance and housing assistance. so we decided that it will be a good place to work with," said Blackwell.

Making a difference for the entire community.

If you want to donate food to the community food pantry, swing by the First Congregational Church at 318 Front Street in Marietta.

They're open from Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm and Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

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