College Sends Supplies To Indian Reservation

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Spring break on a South Dakota Indian reservation got some Marietta College students thinking about how to make a difference.

Today they loaded up a tractor trailer full of nearly 100 mattresses and 13 boxes full of blankets this morning..

This past March, a group of Marietta College students visited Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Marietta College student Rachael Hartong says the families sleep on bunk beds in trailer homes.

However with a short supply of mattresses, some people have to sleep on the floor.

"Hopefully they will be pretty excited because some people they don't have a mattress at all, they just sleep on a bunch of blankets in the corner somewhere. So for some kids to finally have their own bed to themselves, their own blankets, we are hoping it will be pretty exciting,"said Rachel Hartong, Marietta College Senior.

Hartong says after coming home the students organized a blanket drive at the end of the school year and the college pitched in by donating the mattresses.

The truck is leaving for South Dakota tomorrow morning.

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