College Grads Get Set for Job Hunt

Staff Photo: Jonathan Phillips
Rae Nguyen, right, hugs fellow graduate Meghan Shrope after the Mountain View commencement ceremony at the Arena at Gwinnett Center on Saturday. Ninety seniors walked for their diplomas, marking the school’s first-ever graduating class.
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Some area students are gearing up for graduation as the college fall semester wraps up. Most of them will now enter the job market with the unemployment rate near ten percent.

"I'm a little nervous, I'm really excited. Obviously the job market is not at its best right now, but I'm confident that with my education from here, I can market myself. I'll be able to find a job," said
Kathryn Patton, who will graduate from Marietta College.

Yes those were words from a soon-to-be college grad. Patton's confidence may come as a shock, but in fact, most of the graduating seniors WTAP interviewed today shared her feelings.

Whether they were entering a growing field or had developed connections at a past internship, the students all felt they had an edge.

"Employers can see that I've actually done some work in college to get some experience," said Jarad Ice, who will graduate with a degree in computer science from West Virginia University at Parkersburg, where he is currently a lab technician.

It's a tough field to break into right now, and his economics professor may have told him to study something else had he just walked through WVUP's doors.

"The best advice would be that they do research and see what would be in demand," said Sy Sarkarat, an economics professor at WVUP. "Based on that, they should plan and hopefully pursue that type of education."

Sarkarat said service sector jobs are in demand and he would encourage new students to peruse jobs in law, or the health care industry.

But some students aren't willing to compromise their dreams. Julia Kazar wants to be a journalist.

"You know, even if it's harder to find a job in this market, I know it's something that I want to do and I want to be happy with my job," said Kazar, who graduated from Marietta College Sunday.

So off to mothers house she'll go, to peruse job sites and start the hunt so many new grads will join her in.

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