Colony Theatre Renovation

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A hot spot for the town in the 1900's, but this building hasn't seen much activity since.

Over the years the Colony Theatre in Marietta has endured many renovations.

As of right now, everything is completely stripped down to it's structure.
All the seats were taken out of the theatre, all the walls down to the brick and all the plaster gone.

Director Brawley said all the elements containing asbestos were removed. The Colony Historical Society is now waiting to hear later this week if they receive the tax credits necessary to complete the $4-million job of getting the theatre up and running.

"Well, we have always talked about the colony in terms of what it can do for the downtown community, and really act as a catalyst in the downtown area. With 1,000 people coming in here for a single show, the effect that it is going to have on the business community, the restaurants, hotels, business's, is going to be extraordinary," said Hunt Brawley, Development Director Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association.

Brawley said he has been nervously waiting the news however, he does believe they will get the money.
If everything goes as planned, Brawley says construction will start in August of this year and take around 10 months.

Brawley hopes that eventually the theatre becomes a cultural gathering place full of performing arts and artistic organizations.

There is a benefit happening this Sunday where people can come and tour the theatre at 4:00PM. Tickets are $25 and there will be refreshments, followed by a jazz concert by David Wells, at 5:00PM.

Tickets can be purchased at People's bank locations in Marietta, Parkersburg and Belpre.

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