Columbus Zoo Visits Kanawha Elementary

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Kids at Kanawha Elementary host some very special visitors.

The Columbus Zoo visited the school Tuesday.

The principal says it's the second year they've visited.

All the students - pre-k through 5th grade - enjoyed the presentation.

A sloth, an African porcupine and a hissing cockroach are just a few of the animals they learned about.

The principal says it's a fun and educational experience for the kids.

"There's no greater teacher than hands-on and experiencing something firsthand as opposed to reading about it. So the experience of actually seeing these animals live is so much more effective than just reading a book or watching a video and the kids, you can just see by the look on their face when they leave the assembly that it's an experience that's definitely made an impact on their young lives," says principal Mike DeRose.

The principal adds not all of the kids get to go to the zoo, so bringing the zoo to the school is a win-win.

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