Commission Finalizing New Agenda

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Updated: 2/21/2013 6:15 P.M.

The agenda issue may be nearing an end.

The Wood County Commission has a plan, but the state ethics board has to take a look first.

Among those changes: items to be considered for action by the commission would have to be submitted two business days in advance of each meeting.

That's a concern to county elected officials, when it comes to last-minute budget items needing approval.

"What about credit card bills that come in on Friday?," County Clerk Jamie Six asked. "We're already paying late fees for failure to pay credit card bills in many cases because it doesn't get signed off in time. Are we going to pay more late fees because of this change?"

The commission is expected to consider changes in the county's purchasing policy so it can comply with the new agenda format.


Updated: 2/7/2013 5:45 P.M.

Although it put a new plan in place last month about how it conducts meetings...the Wood County Commission admits it's still a work in progress.

Commission President Wayne Dunn says County Prosecutor Jason Wharton gave the commission a refresher Thursday about West Virginia's open meetings law.

A discussion on the agenda is set for Monday morning.

For one thing, Dunn says it wants to find a way to take up unfinished business it hasn't dealt with lately.

He cited as an example the South Parkersburg shooting range, that commissioners visited last summer, but hasn't been discussed since then.

The commission in January set aside its Thursday meetings for work-only sessions, except in weeks where the Monday meetings weren't held.

Dunn has said the changes are a way of making how the commission handles its busiiness more efficient.


The new year brings changes to the way the Wood County Commission conducts meetings.

The commission voted to reserve its Thursday morning meetings primarily for specific matters, including planning and legal probate discussions.

Blair Couch voted against that.

Thursdays also would be reserved for Monday meetings cancelled due to holidays such as the upcoming Martin Luther King day.

Regardless, the commission says it will remain available to the public.

" We'll see them when they come in, and if they need to call us, we have our phones with us at all times," said Commissioner Wayne Dunn. "All three of us are very available to the public, and we welcome their comments."

Dunn says the changes are intended to make the board more efficient, with less idle time between appointments.

Dunn also has been named Commission President, replacing Couch, who served in the post for the past two years.

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