Committee Passes Balanced Budget In Parkersburg

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The city of Parkersburg is one step closer to finalizing their 2012-2013 budget. Wednesday afternoon the Committee of the Whole passed a balanced budget.

Some provisions did come out of the Wednesday meeting. First, funding for the Human Society of Parkersburg's Spay and Neuter Clinic was cut. Secondly, after saving $11,000 in inventory costs the city will put that money towards Parkersburg Police Department overtime expenses. Additionally, city employees will receive a $0.20 raise based on their base pay. Lastly, the flood wall fee will remain place.

Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell says he's pleased with how quickly budget talks went.

"They (Committee of the Whole members) sometimes ask questions that aren't included in the budget and we are not able to answer," the Mayor says. "We come to budget hearings and we are here to answer about the budget, not a bunch of stuff happened in the past, or a couple years ago. So, that's the time that the talks get stalled."

Although Mayor Newell is pleased to see the budget passed, he adds he's disappointed that the flood wall fee remains in place. The Mayor says he's he believes keeping the fee technically may be a form of double taxation.

The Mayor says he's also disappointed that funding for a spay and neuter clinic was cut. He says a clinic would greatly reduce the number of animals that end up in the shelters which means long savings for the city and the shelter.

The budget will be sent to City Council on the 28th.

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