Community Foundation Aids Local Non-profit

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"If you are wearing red, you may line up. Red shirts," said Alice Chapman, Director of the Ely Chapman Education Center, an after school program that focuses on academics.

It leads the region with a student-teacher ratio of six to one.

But the center wouldn't be so successful without help from the Marietta Community Foundation, which funds Ely Chapman and about thirty other local charities every year.

According to it's C-E-O, Carol Wharf, it gave away over 615,000 hours in grants in 2009 alone.

And that cash is much appreciated by the organizations that receive it.

"We would not be where we are today because I wouldn't have been able to license the sunshine learning station. I would never have been able to afford the type of kitchen that we have."

The Ely Chapman Kitchen provides meals for all of the education center kids. It was stocked and brought up to spec with funds from the community foundation. The fifty plus children that enter Ely Chapman every afternoon head straight for the cafe where today, it's serving up corn and corn dogs.

Meanwhile, nearly half of the center's kids are there on scholarships that came from the foundation.

And how do the kids make it from school to the building? A van that was purchased by- you guessed it- a community foundation grant.

"They have been one of our most loyal supporters and I hope they continue to be because we need that kind of support from the community," said Chapman. "The community needs to get behind the community foundation and we need the community foundation behind us."

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