Congressman Bill Johnson Talks Obamacare in Beverly

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It's broken and it can't be fixed.

That's what Republican Bill Johnson, Ohio's 6th District Congressman, says about the problems with the rollout of Obamacare.

Johnson Wednesday addressed the Muskingum Valley Chamber of Commerce about the Affordable Health Care Act.

He says not only are the insured middle class getting dropped from the system, they're finding it almost impossible to get new insurance.

That's because of the problems with the on-line sign up system.

"The website doesn't work, so they really have no opportunity to shop for anything to replace it," says Johnson. "When they do, they find it's at a staggering cost increase compared to what they've been used to paying. There are a lot of questions that still remain to be answered."

Johnson compared the problems to getting your order at the restaurant wrong.

Instead of eating it, most people expect the server to take it back and get it right.

That, he says, is what has to be done with the health care system.

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