Congressman Discusses Dialysis

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6h district Ohio congressman Bill Johnson was in Marietta Friday for two health care-related events.

One was an event marking the tenth anniversary of the medicare "Part D" program.

His earlier visit, to the DaVita Marietta Dialysis Center, was to learn about the possible impact of recently imposed budget cuts.

Johnson says he has heard about the issue from several callers and people in his district, including his own 83-year old mother.

"It was a call to say, ' OK, son, what are you going to do to make sure my health benefits are going to be protected, and that the people in Washington are not going to mess with them?', Johnson said during his visit Friday. "And I said, 'mom, rest assured, I'm going to continue to do that.'"

A recent New York Times report, however, says the efforts to restore the cuts are the result of heavy lobbying of congress by the dialysis care industry.

They were part of spending cuts approved by Congress at the first of this year.