Congresswoman Capito Discusses Obamacare With Local Employers

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A Congresswoman visited the Valley Wednesday.

Congresswoman Shelley Capito spoke with company representatives from 13 local employers at Ohio Valley University Wednesday afternoon.

The group talked about the impact, issues and challenges the Affordable Care Act brings to local employers and their thousands of workers.

Along with the cost, most employers say their greatest concern is not knowing what happens next.

"We just don't know what the actual impact is going to be. That being said, Camden Clark will continue to offer the very best patient care, because patients are number one with us, says Tim Brunicardi, spokesperson for Camden Clark Medical Center.

Congresswoman Capito says 8,000 West Virginians lost their insurance following the rollout of Obamacare, while 5,000 signed up through the online marketplace.

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