Construction Starts at Peoples Bank Theatre

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UPDATE: 10:35 P.M. 11/19/14

Growing the entertainment district in Marietta. It's been under renovation for years, but now, the Peoples Bank Theatre, .the old colony theater to locals, may see some big progress soon.

The theatre is looking for tax credit funding and agreements moving forward. They lost funding from new market tax credits last year but were able to make up for that with other state and private money.

Hunt Brawley with the Hippodrome Colony Theatre Association said, "We are hoping. We have to formalize tax credit agreements and everything, but we are hoping that we could start construction mid December. This is still subject to getting all these agreements in place."

Brawley said the theatre still has four thousand dollars worth of construction moving forward that they'll need to make up.

He says if construction starts next month, the theatre would be ready for occupation within the year. Then they could apply for more historic tax credits.

It's another major renovation for Marietta.

Construction on the Peoples Bank Theatre - formerly called the Colony Theatre - is underway.

Everyone has been waiting a long time to see some movement with this project and Wednesday, Hunt Brawley with the Hippodrome Colony Theatre Association says the construction workers have arrived.

Work in the past to renovate the theatre has gotten it to the point where it is completely stripped down to the structure.

Brawley says they has been waiting on new market tax credits to fund the rest of the project and they are still waiting on those.

However, this construction is still underway. It is just preliminary structural work and is funded by the Marietta City Community Block Grant.

"Deteriorated concrete, we are going to rip it out. The roof above, which is going to be the future bathrooms, replace concrete water proof the walls, lay some block up to the other side and then we are gonna come out here and replace some of the sidewalk that is also deteriorated," said Job Superintendent Ron Ryan with Grae-Con Construction.

Brawley says he would have liked to do all the work at once but funding isn't allowing that. He says this structural work will at least get the project moving forward.

"Structural stuff, just things to get the building in a position where it can be occupied. Those are the first things, the last things painting, plaster detail work, finishes seating," said Brawley.

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