Construction Underway For Hotel In Parkersburg

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If you drive down Grand Central Avenue, you'll notice a lot of construction projects going on.

One project is well underway off Grand Central and Emerson.

A Hampton Inn is going up on the top of the hill.

It's where the Henry Logan Children's Home was.

Right now, the land is being excavated, but the project's run into a few problems along the way.

"They've had a tremendous amount of rain which has halted the excavation work. As a matter of fact, it's washed some of the dirt off the hill. Now, they're back up and running. They've been working all week in this dry weather," says Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell.

Another problem was zoning.

"Neighborhood residents came to the municipal planning. They were concerned the hotel would be encroaching on their property but that was all resolved pretty quickly and the residents are satisfied. There's going to be a buffer zone between the hotel and any of the residential areas."

No word yet on exactly when the project will be completed.

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