Construction at Marietta High School

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Marietta High School students will be seeing a big difference in their school this fall.

Construction started last week and will continue all summer.

Before, the high school was divided into three different buildings.
Director Davis said in light of schools safety across the nation. It's safer to keep all the kids inside. Workers are inclosing the walkway, between the main building and the athletic center and adding a technical wing containing a wood shop, farm shop and other facilities.

"Well when the facility was constructed 40 years ago, it was three different buildings, and with today's problems we have around schools, we decided it was best to keep all students, to be able to be inside of a building," said Dave Davis, Buildings, Grounds, Transportation and Safety Director, Marietta High School.

Davis says constuction takes place between 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday, throughout the whole summer

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