Contest Benefits New Marietta City Schools Program

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Keeping students local after graduation. A new program in Marietta City Schools is hoping to bridge the gap between education and career.

"If we connect our students to local business and have the actual business employees come into the classroom, then the students can make a connection with the people that are there with the businesses that are here and feel an attachment to our community," Marietta City Schools Grant Coordinator, Tasha Werry says.

The program is in it's early stages, and the schools need your help to win a contest hoping to get it into high gear.

A Facebook contest sponsored by State Farm is giving away 25 thousand dollars to local programs across the nation.

All you have to do is log on, and vote.

It could make the difference for not only students, but local businesses.

"We're attempting to impact education and economy at the same time. To help businesses get the information they need to students to know what is expected of them once they would become employed later."

"Students going to college need to have a plan in place before they go. Those are the new expectations."

Expectations Marietta City Schools hopes to teach students even at a young age.

"We want to open their eyes earlier so they can begin that exploration. If we start having conversations about the 16 career clusters when a child is in third grade then they can begin to understand that all careers fall into these areas. Maybe by junior high they can have experiences in several of those career clusters and by the time they get to high school, they might be able to make a decision about a path they would like to choose."

To vote, log on to your Facebook account. Type in the search bar "State Farm Neighborhood Assist." Click on VOTE and then search for Bridges to Careers.

You can vote 10 times a day from now until April 22nd. The top 40 projects out of 200 across the nation will receive 25 thousand dollars.

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