Controlling Deer on Blennerhassett Island

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Thursday was the day hunters could come to Blennerhassett Island, and take some deer a couple of weeks ahead of the official season.

Twice a year, hunters are invited in an effort to rid the island of a growing deer population, which recently has grown to more than 180.

Deer often eat seeds which are vital to the growth of new trees.

" We want some regeneration, we want poplar, sycamore, silver maple and all those flood plain species of trees," says Wildlife Biologist Jeff McCrady, of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, "that should be grown here, we want them to start growing here on the island."

Thursday, more than a dozen deer were harvested by hunters.

The hunt had to be cancelled in the spring of 2011 because of high water from heavy rains.

That wasn't as big a problem this year.

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