Cooling Off With Some Ice Cream

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People in Parkersburg took advantage of the sunny conditions Sunday afternoon as they cooled off with some ice cream.

First baptist church of Parkersburg put on the annual Ice Cream Social.

People got to eat their favorite flavored ice cream from vanilla and chocolate to strawberry.

There were plenty of fun activities for the kids with a bouncy house, petting zoo and games.

Those in attendance also had the opportunity to purchase clothes and shoes.

"First Baptist Church is a church that is interested in the people in the community. We want to help in any way we can and one way we do that is have this annual event to give a boost to some of these local ministries that are depended upon donations from people of the community," says Reverend Richard McClure of First baptist church of Parkersburg.

All proceeds will go to the Parkersburg Urban Ministries.

Last year, First Baptist Church of Parkersburg didn't raise more than $300 due to the weather.

They hope they can raise between $1200 and $1500 this year.

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