Cornerstone Award

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They volunteer tirelessly for the Humane Society of Parkersburg, and now two local standouts are named the second "Cornerstone of our Community" by the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation.

It’s the foundation’s 50th Anniversary Awards program sponsored by Superior Toyota.

Jon Six and Carrie Roe are volunteers who have dedicated time, effort and resources to improve the lives of animals in Wood County and beyond.

They raised more than $400,000 for the Humane Society's Spot Committee, funds that go towards their spay/neuter clinic.

“It's a great honor because there are so many people, so many that came forward to help whenever there's a need and I don't know how they chose,” Six says. “I use to save turtles when I was four years old and hide them in my parent's house; it's just been a love of mine my whole life.”

Six says he has worked a lot with Roe and she has done wonderful things for the Humane Society.

He is modest about his own role, but the foundation says he is every bit deserving of this recognition.

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