Country Music Video Shoot in Vienna

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David Allen Coe is performing tonight at Yellowbeards Tavern in Vienna.

But it is his opening Cody McCarver spent the day shooting a video on the Ohio River. McCarver is a former member of the band Confederate Railroad and through his performances created many friendships and fans in this area.

That's one reason he chose Vienna as the stage for his music video.

"I just thought it was the place you know. Good people in West Virginia. Good people at the venue and why not come here and have a good time," says McCarver. "We've got all these trucks up on the river and have been riding up the river all day so we've just been having a good time."

McCarver says it is an honor to open for David Allen Coe and he's really enjoyed the tour so far.

If you want to see them play the show will start at 9 p.m. tonight.
McCarver says he hopes the music video will be released January 2012.

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