County Candidates Face Off in Debates

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The Marietta Ohio 9-12 Project is hosting a series of debates for Washington County elections in Ohio.

Candidates for the Washington County Commissioner and State Representative for the 94th District faced off on topics concerning voters.

David White is one of three candidates running for commissioner, and was the only one in attendance.

One topic of contention? The new county wide sewer system.

"Within the county the largest and most divisive is the county wide sewer system that is being forced onto the people. You will be forced to hook up to this whether you can afford it, whether you want it, or anything. You are going to be required to do that," says Marietta 9-12 Project co-founder Glenn Newman.

In the next debate on February 27th, candidates for State Central Committee and U.S. Congressional 6th District will face off.

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