Couple Accused of Beating Developmentally Disabled Relative

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We're learning the disturbing details behind two arrests in Washington County.

A Marietta couple faces domestic violence charges after police say they beat a family member who is developmentally disabled.

Washington County Sheriff's Deputies say they found the mentally disabled adult female walking along the side of the road.

Her name is Virginia Farr and she is in her 40's and living with her brother and his wife.

She started asking deputies for food because she was hungry and she showed them bruises on her body.

She was found wandering around Killwell Run Road in Marietta.

She told deputies she had been beaten with a bat. The investigation revealed it was a plastic bat.

Deputies further learned her brother and his wife were punishing her for not feeding the dogs and they were using her other mentally disabled brother to do it.

Through investigation deputies arrested 50-year-old Russell Farr and his wife 32-year-old Angela Farr.

Russell was charged with complicity in domestic violence and Angela was charged with domestic violence and complicity in domestic violence.

Deputies say Angela Farr hit Virginia with the bat as well.

"They were using another family member who is also mentally disabled, and of specials needs, as the person administering the discipline," said Captain Troy Hawkins, Washington County Sheriff's Office. "It was certainly out of the norm, it was certainly above and beyond this type of treatment or an individual, disturbing."

Captain Hawkins says because of history and through further investigation those charges may be changed or modified.

The sheriff's office has been working with area programs and they say Virginia Farr is in a safe place right now.

Her brother was so removed from the residence for safety reasons.

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