Cracker Plant Proposed for Monroe County

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Two ethane cracker plants may call the Valley home soon.

We've told you about the ASCENT project in Wood County.

Now there's one under consideration along the Ohio River in Monroe County.

A letter of intent was signed for a site near Clarington, Ohio.

But the head of the Monroe County Development Authority says a lease for that property is still under negotiation.

Even so, it's seen as good news for an area hit hard by the recent closing of Ormet Aluminum.

And local development leaders believe, like the proposed cracker in Wood County, it will bring jobs to both sides of the river.

The West Virginia Department of Commerce adds projects like the one proposed for Monroe County comes with the potential for hundreds of jobs associated not only with the cracker plants themselves, but with the industries surrounding it.

The state commerce department emphasizes the project discussed for Monroe County is not connected with the one Odebrecht is working on in Wood County.

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