Cruiser Wars

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When you're getting pulled overr=especially at night-the color the police cruiser bearing down on you probably doesn't matter. But the look of those vehicles has been a source of state pride.

"The dome of the state capital is gold," says Cpl. Chris Weekley, West Virginia State Police Parkersburg detachment, noting the colors of the Mountain State's crusiers. "Blue and Gold, of course, are the colors of West Virginia University. It's just a well-known color scheme. We have the state seal on the side of it, which is also on the flag."

"You notice the flying wheel on the side, which has been our logo from the beginning," says Sgt. Garic Warner, of the Ohio Highway Patrol's Marietta post. "And when you combine the current-year vehicle with the older style, I think it says a lot about our organization."

The American Association of State Troopers is holding a nationwide contest to determine the best looking state police vehicle. Two of those participants are the border states of West Virginia and Ohio.
the two local troopers look upon this as a "friendly competition".

"We're ready for the competition," Sgt. Warner says. "We always like a challenge, and when all is said and done, I think Ohio is going to come out on top."

"I like the Highway Patrol, and they help us on calls and we help them," notes Cpl. Weekley. "But when it comes to our cruisers, I lean towards our own."

All 50 u.s. states are in the running.

To vote you just go the the American Association of State Troopers Facebook page...

There, you'll see their post and pictures of each car..

Whichever your favorite is., click the "like" button.

Voting closes Tuesday, July 15th.

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