Crumbling Drainage In St. Marys

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The next storm might be more than they can handle in St. Marys.

And not because of downed trees or power lines.

The years have taken their toll on a drainage basin, about a block from the Pleasants County Courthouse.

And what the years haven't done, heavy rains of the past ten years have.

The basin has crumbled to the point where one more heavy downpour might be too much for it to hold.

"We've had to patch areas with concrete that have had holes in the pavement, where water was going into the storm drain," says City Manager Rick Phillips. "It's not getting better; it's a problem that's constantly getting worse."

Phillips spoke Tuesday to area legislators about the problem.

He also spoke by phone to the Soil and Water Conservation District of the Upper Ohio Valley.

The district plans to have a look at it later this week.

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